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Sepp Frank - Frauenkirche


Our Lady of Mechanical Sorrows 
[Our Lady of Sorrows is my fashion icon. Not even kidding. Therefore I decided to give her a cyberpunk look.]
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First photograph of an electric chair execution. Taken by Tom Howard, 1928.


Odd Nerdrum. Amputation. 1968.



 At the end, thirty feet or so from the counter that closed the entrance, a grinning Negro face bobbed and grimaced through a hole in the back curtain painted to represent a jungle river. The Negro’s head came right out of the spread terrific jaws of a crocodile. “Hit the nigger in the head, get a good ten cent seegar,” the barker said. “Three balls for a dime, folks. Try your skill and accuracy. Hit the nigger baby on the head get a handsome cane and pennant.

"Riverview Amusement park in Chicago Illinois, was well known for their popular African Dip attraction, which was a staple there until the late 1950s."
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Chinese raiders - led by a infiltration group in South Korean uniforms -attack the Regimental HQ of the South Korean White Tiger Regiment in July, 1953, just prior to the end of hostilities. 

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